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Messages posted by: Ray Johnson
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I hope Jesus returns so I can slit his throat, drink his blood and turn your stupid ass into 70% wine.

I could sit you down and explain to you why Christianity is fake, but that would be pointless because:
1) You've heard all the counter-arguments. They're quite obvious as anyone with basic comprehension skills and a lack of a brain tumor can derrive the same ideas as I have after reading anything you or your poisonous cults care to write. I don't need to waste my time.
2) You aren't Christian.

I'll keep this simple:
1) You can rant and rave all you like, you're still wrong if you use the bible as your proof because its not a credible source.
2) If I was a muslim, would you dare to tell me the Qu'ran is wrong and the bible is correct or would you preach tolerance? Just wondering.
The Great Yacoon wrote:Satan has a hold of you Ray and I will pray for you brother because every step i take even if i deficate you are not even a half a step behind literally a fly on my crap. I dont know what it is about me that pisses you off so much but GOD bless you man. And Unstoppable stop being a smart ass. Thanks and blessings.

You don't know what is about you that pisses me off? Really? I've told you like 40 million times bro. And, if satan has a hold on me, then why can I say "Satan is a dickhead scumbag cunt"? Logic'd, bitch.

The Great Yacoon wrote:I'm just sharing THE WORD with you all, The Holy Bible is the truth, the life, and the way and all that is written within is powerful and has changed my life and OH MAN DOES satan NOT want you to read and gain knowledge of The Truth. The TRUTH is so close and within your grasp if you but repent and admit you are a sinner. Now i WAS CRAZY and USED TO BE CRAZY BUT JESUS CHRIST came and brought me out of the depths of hell. Trying to take my life, drinking myself stupid, cursing and swearing and feeling frustrated, CONFUSED, FORGOTTEN, CHASTISED, LOST, MY GOD LORD IN THE NAME OF CHRIST JUST FROM READING THE WORD AND GAINING KNOWLEDGE OF WORLD HISTORY AND HOW GRACEFUL GOD IS TOWARD US WHOM MADE US FROM THE DUST OF THE GROUND AND BREATHED INTO US THE BREATH OF LIFE WHAT A PRIVELAGE IT IS TO HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY AFTER A LIFE OF HARDSHIP THAT WE REPENT TO GOD WHO IS HOLY WHO SITS ON HIGH WHOSE WORD IS LIKE FINE SILVER TRIED IN THE FIRE SEVEN TIMES MEANING PURIFIED, HOLY, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, ALL WISE, AND GOD OF gods. So Whether you want to use your FINITE mind with it's limited understanding in all it's rebelliousness and stubborness it is just like it was written in the book of matthews of the Sadducce's and the Pharisee's whose hearts were HARDENED criticizing and sticking to the old Mosaic LAWS sacrificing animals for all atonement of sins though GOD CLEARLY STATED THAT INCENSE AND THE BURNT OFFERINGS WERE AN ABOMINATION TO HIM AND A FOUL ODOR AS THE SINFULNESS OF THE PEOPLE OUTWEIGHED THEIR OBEDIENCE, BUT YET as it is written in the book of JUDGES, JOSHUA, 1 KINGS, 1 SAMUEL, THE TRANSGRESSIONS OF THE LAW CALLED FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST TO MAKE HIS APPEARANCE SO THAT WE WOULD BE SAVED!

yeah, but christianity is gay and isn't true.

Chosen dIck wrote:Idk if yacoob is crazy or just trollin' but. hes doing it right.

You've known him for like 5 years. Of course he's trolling.That's kind of what OB is for.
Oh look, you're a christian now. Trust you to pick the most passive oppressive (?) religion ever to join. Makes sense, being that you're fucking nuts.

The Great Yacoob wrote:From the bottom of my heart with all sincerity if you do not own a HOLY BIBLE i urge you to purchase one for it's an eternal investment.

From the deepest neurones in my brain, I urge you to fuck yourself (assuming you haven't already done so). No, seriously though, don't shove that shit down throats yacoon.. or I'll have to rape you sincerely for my eternal amusement.
Larry Holmes wrote:
sterlihalla wrote:viper and me need a mention with anything involving knockouts we got the best percentages for 4k + fights

As any retarted person would be able to see, the list is about whos is top five right now..well not any retarded person.

but I agree with the sentiment.
Titan wrote:Is there a prime time?

The Great Yacoob wrote:My training to become a monk is intensifying and as I feel a deeper sense of peace I am also becoming more obliged to monitor and restrain from words and actions that i've used over the years to create this personality called The Great Yacoob.

So as a padawan of higher spirituality I apologize to all those i've offended in the spirit of charged competition in this game and on this site.


I'll give you a reassuring pat on the back and tell you that peace is a sensation which can only be acheived through substance abuse. Oh wait, you're high as fuck. Continue.
Dick E. Boon wrote:I regret your decision but I understand it Redneck. You hadn´t shown any improvements in your game for the last year so it´s better to hang them up, call it a day and leave the arena for some hungry young lions. All the best!

He's joking, of course. Redneck wouldn't quit OB. I quit the game like 3 years ago and I come on the forum. And nobody even likes me! It's an addictive place.
Mikkel wrote:Might bring back OBA,OBC,OBW soon

But mikkel!
Dick E. Boon wrote:The nominees are:
1) Yacoob
2) Rocky
3) Dark Destroyer
4) Redneck never ending talking
5) Boons jab+lag
6) His mother

7) Boons mother+lag
The Great Yacoob wrote:This was actually really fun this model was very sweet.

She's obviously a transsexual. yacube.
Mikkel wrote:I know..I'll find a solution for it, reason why I said iIgive up was I had just spent 10 min removing all spam from all forums, then when I reloaded, all spam was back again !

ha. patience dude. if it helps, we all appreciate your hard work on the forum
terminator608 wrote:what good would e-mail do people can have thousands of e-mails tho?

Well E-mail services usually contain some form of human verification process.. which may not be 100% effective but it does help.
This is a typical fight on OB in Yacoobs mind.
Mikkel wrote:Spammers spam forum faster than I can delete their messages or ban them..what should be done about this ?

Does the forum still not require an e-mail address? Also, you could use captcha.
johnbludger wrote:Is it possible to make a pop-up screen saying for example:

Redneck is now online

And it makes a notification noise so us fighters will know that somebody signed in or signed off

You don't need to be spammed with sound every time someone logs on. If you want their attention just challenge them. The only problem is if you can't hear the sound that's played.

I agree there should be some visual notification, however a popup will get really annoying. However, a flashing tab would be neat (like with Facebook).
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