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Messages posted by: Paul Dion
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Author Message
EDDIE54 wrote:long live paul!

So who on my PDP fighter list is still active? Or have most of them left?
johnbludger wrote:Thanks for calling me a joke.

You are a joke when it comes to ripping off my ideas...back in the day you tried to steal my PDP idea with a similar thing... it was like a team thing.. I think you might of stolen that idea from Skillz actually... you wait for someone to come up with an idea, and then you rush to take charge of it as if it's your own.

Obviously you are not a joke when it comes to fighting on OB anymore. You beat fatny now? That impresses me a lot. In PDP you had a terrible 2-8 record... so it shows how much you have improved. You must of had lots of time playing on OB to get so skilled at it! Props to you for winning all the belts and becoming a superchamp too.

I still think you steal ideas from others and try to make them appear as your own. You've been doing it throughout your entire OB time.
I am making this post to show that John Bludger has just copied and pasted MY creation and changed the name to John Bludger Promotions...

John you are a joke... at least give credit where it is due on your thread. Don't try and make it look like your idea/creation. I hate people who steal intellectual property!!! I think you actually have a bigger ego than me! Always stealing my ideas and replacing "Paul Dion" with "John Bludger" ... you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that you have just ripped off my idea 100%'s just a copy and paste job! Shame on you John Bludger...shame on you!
Wow..this is an exact copy of mine John.. at least come up with your own ideas..DAYUM! You even used the exact format and words that I used!

I think I will re-activate PDP.. put the thread back to life with its millions of pages and views... I can't stand having my legacy stolen from under my nose! Nice try John to hijack PDP and just re-name it to's say it's because Edder and someone else wanted you to continue one like mine...but you don't show any credit to my ideas or anything.. you make it seem like it's your creation and idea... THIEF! this the end??? I didn't realise Mikkel had to pay to run this game!!!

Does this mean the forum posts will all be deleted too? Or will this forum stay open???

This is a sad, sad day for me. I stopped playing a few months ago..but I always come online in the is bookmarked on my computer. I check it everyday to see all the shit-talking!

Good times.

I will miss all of you guys!
If hardly anybody comes online to play for free anymore...why the hell would people come on and pay to play??? It will make the active player count go from 7 players to 3...
I've stopped coming online and waiting in the fight room. I usually log in 2 or 3 times a week...but when I see nobody is there...I wait about 10 mins and if still nobody there I leave.
Kessler wrote:I don't get where this "Khan has no power" has came from?

I think it's because MAB said he didn't feel Khan's punches in the post fight interview. He said he has weak punch power.
PDP News


The legendary... ROCKY MARCIANO.


The charismatic BANA BANANA.

I am very excited about these fighters... I can't wait to see them strut their stuff in the near future.

His punches might not have as much power behind them as other fighters...but they have a lot of "snap" behind them...stinging shots...they will accumulate and add up...Khan is a class act with bags of ability...he needs to fight top opposition from now onwards though...

If I were his promoter and manager...I think he is not ready for JMM yet... I would make him fight JMM in about 7 more fights from now...I would like to see him fight these guys in this order:

1. Jon Thaxton (prove himself as Britains best lightweight)

2. Mezaache (for European title...prove himself the best LW in Europe)

3. Michael Katsidis (this guy is a warrior..i'd like to see this fight)

4. Breidis Prescott (get revenge for his only loss)

5. Joel Casamayor (top contender)

6. David Diaz/ Juan Diaz (top contender)

7. Juan Manuel Marquez (awesome champ...)
I'm a ghost.
CaptainAmerica wrote:yall arent answering the question

My trade marked special move is the "Dion Double Hook".
Khan won every round act like he was getting beat by MAB.
If the fight continued he would of won the fight by unanimous decision anyway I think... (just like i predicted before the fight)

I don't understand the hate Khan is getting...he fought and out...he fought smart...hit MAB loads and then moved out of range...then came back again with lots of punches...then back out again to defend...very slick boxing in my eyes.
Rocky Marciano wrote:Since apparently I am so not getting shots at two remaining titles I might as well come and try to take PDP championship.

Sing me in please!

I have wanted this to happen for a long time!
Awesome! I will work on your next fight asap.
The Greatest wrote:Red Viper we did not fight for PDP. Stop your bullshit. PDP 13 isn't even finished.

I love the "Red Viper - ProfsBack" rivalry! One of my favourite beefs.
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