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Messages posted by: BoXa
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I'm still around too. This game meant a lot to me ten years back

awesome !!
Surj wrote:Maybe its time to shut her down for good.. There haven't been any fights in almost 3 months. I am pretty sure since we got the new server last year that there have been less than 100 all together.

I spent a good portion of my teenage years on here even into my early 20s with everyone here on this game. I really appreciate all the cool guys I've come to meet over the years and spent my time on the Internet with.

Good times, good friends, and great fights

RIP 2001-2015


Me too man. I spent a lot of my teens playing OB2D, there was plenty of people online and it was exciting. We all created that for each other by being part of it.

Great, happy memories = a slightly sad today, but it's not something that I want to completely forget.

Cheerz for the good old days!
BlackBear wrote:would be good to fight you again boxa..

its been a while..


yeah its been ages, 4 years in fact heh.
itll be great to give u a decent game, you are always ridiculously tough.
iv been coming online more recently in the last few days - lotsa fun.
Fierce wrote:Some good fights yesterday Boxa.

Welcome back, Not much has changed, a few new faces, and its gone quieter, ppl are generally trying to get mikkel to sort it out and get ppl back to the game.. so i guess a few things have changed.

but then you probably knew that seeing as u were here only 2 1/2 years ago.

Ive taken time out here and there and come back on here and there. From 2006 when i started, been a few gaps of a few years.

Interesting bit of information for you..

Our Head 2 Head showed we had fought only ONCE before our 6 fights yesterday... and it was in 2009 (you won)

thankyou .
yeah that was what was happening 2 1/2 years ago.

so we did, only one fight. 3 years ago.
i enjoyed our games yesterday - really good fun.

hello? hello?

*echoes back* - no you fool, everyone's dead!

it's very quiet here now......
ray your sig's making me feel sick. i have a hangover and im on the brink thanks to your sig
its ok, ill adapt. not a crying post or anything, just my initial opinion.
people are no longer punished for missing punches, justa spam fest. even if i dodge 90% of the punches the others will hit just as strong. fighters get to round 12 in the same shape as the first.

yacoob said to me " you should not need to tire someone out to win, its more skill ful not needing to do this". well surely its not skilful just to spam to a win either. and to reward the skill being shown (by dodging punches) rather than being hit full power by the other 10% of the punches, the opponent should be tired and be forced to slow down.
i dont mind it really
damn red is that pic really of you? are SPOT ON. good work!
Mikkel wrote:There's no legal issues. Only moral issues. He has to live with being a paper champ.

better off dead i say
i reckon Boxa. hes not improved at all -maybe even got worse. not really created any impact at all.

Just a chump-very disappointing
The fact :

- that I havent really done a post in ages

- that im a bit of a woman and like to express my feelings

- and that i need a distraction from a hangover

has driven me to do this post.

So how is life going for people in the ob community then?

Me- i feel strangly better. its weird but over the last year ive felt reasonably, well... low. not depressed, but enough to make me struggle to sleep and just use things to block it out.

i dont exactly know why. its a mixture of things- mainly because right now ive applied for another uni course because the last subject just wasnt right for me. and im stuck in full time work til september in this crappy town. just feels im going nowhere until it gets to september. i dunno, just rambling ha.

But now i feel good, nothing to do with friends or a girl (although thats nice too) or still feeling drunk (or online hahahrofllmao). ive found my saviour! its not heroin, or the nazi party, or coming out of the closet.
Its a mix of the artist Jeff Buckley (not in a coming out the closet way - Yes i cover my tracks). amazing musician who i listen to every morning religiously AND finally stopping the routine of going to bed late and waking up just before work. meaning that i literally wake up, eat an apple and get out.

Unfortunately because im feeling reasonably good,my *skills* are gonna deteriorate as im no longer using OB as an opiate ha.

"Now that felt good to let it all out *breathes deep* "
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