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Messages posted by: thesniper
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I made an account to come on for a few fights to see how the game is going. It's been awhile since I've played and I can say I've missed it.

I was pretty disappointed when I came on though. All anyone in this game does anymore is keep a distance and jab. The aggressor in the fight is ALWAYS the loser if the fighter who is jabbing is worth a damn. This game has become a boring jab match and someone who I just fought had found a way to lean down (#2) throughout the match as my glove appeared to hit him without damage continuously. I can say that my glove hit my opponents body SEVERAL times with power punches and the game fails to register any of these. You have to be at an exact distance for any of them to land and this fighter had that down to an art.

I don't think I'm going to login anymore until 3D comes out. 2D has become a boring jab fest for pussies trying to make their records better. No one comes to brawl anymore. There was one guy who actually wanted to make the fight fun and that was "Fatny." Even though I lost I had fun, and that's the reason why I play games, to have fun.

When I was at my peak there were many more players who tried to actually have a fight - rather than jab the entire fight or try to find faults in the game to use to their advantage.

Just my 2 cents.
Count me in. I'll come out of retirement temporarily for the tourney.
HTF wrote:
but now its sick every fuckin fighter i fight trys to lean 100 times per fight.
every one puts me to sleep now days.

One of the biggest reasons why I retired. Combined with the new gameplay.
Hello everyone,

The time has come for me to retire. I just don't have time to commit to the game like I used to. I feel like I had a great OB career, and could give any top player a run for their money. I fought in many, many wars/brawls and had a great time playing this game over the past few years.

Career Highlights:
*Won a major title (OBA, OBC, OBF, OBW) 17 times
*Fought in 2,929 fights.
*Out of 1,595 wins, 1,522 were by knockout.

I may be back eventually for 3D but I don't think you will see me in the current version again. Good fights everyone and good luck in your OB careers.

Take Care,

Seattle, WA
Larry Holmes wrote:I wasnt frozen. It was a matter of seconds before I had removed the popup and continue. Its normal that you give opponents a change when you can see something is not right. He should know that after 3000 fights.

From what I've experienced, once you get that windows popup and try and click back onto the OB window, you cannot control your fighter anyway until you restart OB.
I thought I would share this fight with everyone. This fight was unpredictable up until the TKO in the 15th. GF Vargas
I really hope Hopkins kicks his ass, I hate Tarver and him thinking he's the best thing for boxing since Muhammad Ali.
It was excellent as far as turn out tonight. I think there was something like 18 people on when I came online. The game was working great and the ranks updated correctly. I had a blast.

Yacoob wrote:MIKKEL

Get over yourself. While you're at it, tell mommy to show you how to turn caps lock off.


He just changed it back so theres more than just OBW and the international titles - we like it that way.
It's really sad what this game has come to with the bitching and excuses in the chat box. All anyone ever does is complain when they lose, and it has gotten out of hand with the excuses. "My arm hurts," "I wasn't trying," "the AC was blowing in my face," etc etc. These excuses occur even when the fight was a total domination by the winner of the fight.

Some of these people should be warned and possibly banned from speaking in the chat box, only allowing them to fight. I was in and out today on OB and someone named "Yacoob" was in the room all day typing in caps and bitching at people. It really takes the fun away from the game sometimes. People have been talking more than fighting.

We're here to have fun guys, don't ruin it for the people who have some decency around here.
Mad Skillz> now i no y i cudnt fight right
Mad Skillz> my eyes were burnin from the AC blowin right in my face
Top Boxers:
1.) Larry
2.) HTF
3.) Sugarray
4.) MAB

Top Sluggers:
1.) HTF
2.) Nigel Benn
3.) MAB
4.) The Sniper
I'm in.
1.) Larry
2.) HTF
3.) Unstop
4.) MAB
5.) Sugarray
6.) USA
7.) Jermain Taylor
8.) The Sniper
9.) Rush
10.) Tyrant
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