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Messages posted by: Dark Destroyer
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Mikkel wrote:Christ, it's acting up because of the space in your username..I dont know why.

My username has had problems for a while now, I can only see the first page of fights when I view my record, if I click next page it's says this:

Oops, an error occured

This exception has been logged with id 6f26p07i5.
Thanks Mikkel

And a special thanks to John and all the other Hall of Famers that voted me in!. Cannot wait to see the write up on the HOF section.

1) Fatny
2) John
3) HTF
4) Larry Holmes
5) Unstoppable
Statistics updated.
Titan wrote:Fuck that! The Server is good where it is. If the Server will be in the us again i stop playing the game.
And why the hell a european guy wants to open a Server in the US again? Play the game and stop crying you US-guys. I never cried all the years i played on an US-Server before. I got ping 137-143 and i was happy with it. Now you got a 125 ping or whatever John and you cry mikkel a river to get a Server in the US again.
Thats not ok.

You fight what twice a month, so why should you care?.
sterlihalla wrote:Lets be honest john if you wanted to be legit you would of stepped up years ago but you didnt. My resume is too good for yours, ive fought to many top contenders,champions and hofers.

Let's be real here Reaper, you got excited over a few wins, title wins and defenses against handpicked opponents, being an absolute idiot about it in the process, now if you went on a 157 fight winning streak, your misplaced ego would ensure we wouldn't hear the end of it and you would be practically begging for a HOF induction.

Regardless of if you feel your resume is better, back in your 'prime' and even against today's crop that you belittle, you haven't even reached a 20 win streak, so respect should be given instead of your hypocritical disdain. It would actually stop you looking like a complete tool.
Kessler wrote:Noooooooooooooooo, The Undertaker finally lost at Wrestlemania

More like Goldberg lost his streak to Hollywood Hogan.
I think you were mad to put the streak and title on the line against someone of Boon's skill with a ping of over 200. The lag cost you.
The posts about Penis Sniff Couture were hilarious.
Viper has 119 title wins not 125.
Professor wrote:I was Undisputed Champion as well.

The reason that Viper and I weren't tallied is because apparently the criteria for Undisputed Champion changed.

It used to be 3 belts and one of the regional titles but I suppose that was retconned when they did away with them.

Anyway, I was an Undisputed Champion shortly before John became Superchamp.

In fact I was one fight away from being OB's 7th SUPERCHAMP and was TKO'd in the 13th round by Red Viper.

To be Undisputed Champion it has always been to hold 3 of the 4 main titles.
Titan wrote:
sterlihalla wrote:lmao i already knew about that, viper was a great fighter but we have all grown up now and have jobs etc. Doubt he will ever come back, i am only just hangin on to this game but i know il be too busy soon.
Ive held 2 - 3 belts at a time a few times but it doesnt really matter that much,

...and now change that drug-addicted ape-face avatar pic please, whoever you are.


He looks like a miniature goblin wearing over-sized boxing gear.
Well he achieved it when I was inactive and he didn't mention it on the statistics page so I was never aware of it. Ill add him now.
Titan wrote:Hahaha. I just mentioned Red Viper because he always told everyone that he retired you..lmfao!! Its something like a running gag for all the veterans here.
Of course we all know that he never was the reason for your retirement btw..

Well I'm very flattered that I was in 'veterans' minds when I stopped playing *Insert patronizing wink*
johnbludger wrote:
Dark Destroyer wrote:
Titan wrote:
Dark Destroyer wrote: I wouldn't fight people like Phenom, john etc and duck against someone like you.

I would say i did not that bad winning the title and then lost it again in the rm (after i got two knockdowns in one round and got you in the red before the gong).
Dont Forget..i am rusty
I think its time to call Red Viper so he can retire you once more (hahaha).

You are good I acknowledge that, I was just pointing out that if I were to duck it would be against people better.

Red Viper retiring me? Are you serious? haha.

I stopped playing at a time when Fatny was destroying everyone, not to mention john coming through and Larry, HTF and Vargas were still fighting, so if anyone was going to make me retire it would have been those guys.

I stopped fighting as I was busy at the time and besides I suggest you check the H2H records out of me and Red Viper, or conversely stop relying on others to win your battles for you haha

Don't forget about that swine flu Nigel. That was like the icing on the cake right there.

Yeah, that was a very scary time!
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