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Messages posted by: Dark Destroyer
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When are you going to update the list again T?.
lol HTF, I Just thought you guys would find it funny to see how many hooks I got away with.
Yeah, HTF is right. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit, but once HTF explained to me there are errors in the game, it made me think.

I wont make a final judgement until Mikkel fixes some error issues with the new gameplay changes.

I'm done man. I absolutely detest the new gameplay. There are many people who have played this for months and years because they love the gameplay and they have become masters at the game, but now all that time and effort, thousands of fights, slowy becoming a brilliant OB gamer is now wasted with these changes.

Why change something that isn't broken?. The main gripes I have with the new gameplay is the restrictions and stiffness. You can no longer move backward and forward while using the cross arm defence and going from crouch to standing up straight takes laot more effort than throwing a punch.

I have played this for 7 months now and loved it, but now I am basically a noob because I Played one and he nearly beat me!. My gameplan consists of clinches and ducking low alot and using crossarms alot, so my main weapons have now been taken away.

I am done, unless the game changes back to how it was before, I have no interest in playing it.
You did well man, you raised your game to a high level, naturally you would do seeing as it was for the title.

By the way thanks Don for sorting the Euro title situation out, I appreciate it.
Gf's Rick, you gave me one hell of a fight!.

Mikkel, once I am crowned champion can you have it show on my titles won page (above your list of opponents on your record), because I have noticed that when a champion wins a title the way I have it still shows as though you have never won the title. I hope you get what I mean, thanks mate.
Damn, a few people have a problem with Tyson.
Too late Skillz, I'm tired of waiting, you said you would be here this Tuesday or Wednesday now next Monday. You are 13 yet you spend the week at your GF's house?.

Like I said before I have waited months to face a challenger, I'm sick of it.
I knew you would post this and mention the fact I left before the fight came to it's conclusion, but I was already late for work and I knew i wasn't getting up so I qucikly turned the computer off and ran out the door, I have never left a fight, but this was a rare one off.

Atleast you actually won a fight against me for once, all beat it I was fighting under pressure because of time, shame about your attitude though towards opponents before and after fights.
I agree. Unstop has always been the 3rd best fighter I have ever seen on this game (behind Larry and HTF). So in my opinion, he should be the next hall of famer.

I also think it's time for Sugarray to be inducted. He is a consistent top ten fighter, fights the best the game has to offer, defends his titles against anyone who asks for a shot and is a former undisputed and super champion.
Once again another challenger for the title decides to do a disappearing act the moment the title fight for the Europe title is announced. I have waited 2-3 months now for one of the challengers to come online and fight me for the vacant title.

So Mikkel, I give up, I no longer wish to fight for the Europe title, I'm sick and tired of waiting for the NO 2 contender to come online for months on end just to have a best out of 3 match.
Take it easy.
Sorry guys, but my list was based on the fighters that I have seen and activity.
Best Offence: HTF, USA, Viper

Best Defense: Larry Holmes, Couture, Tyrant

Most Improved: Fernando Vargas, Boxa, Skillz

Smartest Boxer: Larry Holmes, Cynic

Best Brawler: HTF, Viper, USA

Fastest: HTF, Tyrant

Best KO Finisher: HTF, USA

Best Overall Fighter: HTF (He can brawl and box)

Best Rookie: Boxa

Best Temperament: Don and Cynic (They always takes a defeat well they help people out when they need advice.)
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