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Messages posted by: Dark Destroyer
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What about the Euro title Mikkel?.
Nice fight man

I just won and retained against Vargas, I'm really happy at the moment
Mikkel, I have waited and waited to complete a 3 match series with Clay for the Euro title, but he hasn't been online at all and now I have noticed he is no longer ranked on the Europe server, so Can myself and the new rank 2 boxer (Black_Bear) battle it out for the title?.
Marvin"Ko Machine"Hagler wrote:
Donny_king wrote:Sup Marvin

Hmmm racist paypal???
lol they keep saying that they cant verify my paypal im done with paypal

6 months, enjoy!
Damn Clay where are you?. I Haven't see you online at all, are we going to get these fights done or not?.
1) Evander Holyfield
2) Nigel Benn
3) Muhammad Ali
4) Oscar De La Hoya
5) Mike Tyson
I've paid for you, but pay-pal was screwed at the time of me doing it, so can you let me know if it worked?. You should now have 6 months on your HTF account.
Well said Sniper, with that being said, I'm going to announce that after my european title shot, I will be taking a sabbatical, I don't know how long for, maybe permanent, I am just becoming more disillusioned with the state of OB at the moment.

For example last night I had a guy called Donald Duck flaming me for no reason for like 20 minutes, basically saying I'm a bum, all I do is pad etc, I don't need to defend myself here, but I fight everyone and anyone who is online, you can clearly see from my record that when Sugar, Cynic, Mad etc are online I don't just have 1 fight I have 3 or 4 in a row, a padder wouldn't do that especially when they lose all of the fights. People who flame take away the fun element of the game away and it just becomes a nerdy chatroom, I come on here to box, not get insulted.

Like I said before I'm not going to go into detail because I know in my heart that I enjoyed the game and I fought allcomers, I was just unfortunate that I discovered the game late and by the time I started playing almost all the great players stopped playing it. So is it my fault that the guys I face are the new breed and may not be as good as the legend of the past?.

I pay for people to enjoy the game, I help noobs whenever they ask and I expect nothing in return, yet some of the guys I've paid for and other people bitch behind my back and call me a padder and just basically being disrespectful (you know who you are), so sniper I agree with you there should be some kind of warning or banning procedure for the idiots who ruin the game.

Don, Cynic, USA, Tyrant, Snipes, brick, sugar and rocky your all top blokes, something that is severely lacking on OB.

Mikkel wrote:Ok finally.

Best out of three in tourno :

1) The Enforcer vs Unstoppable - OBF
2) Unstoppable vs Fernando Vargas - OBA
3) Muhammad Ali vs Fernando Vargas - OBW
4) USA - TheBoss - OBC

Lets get it on and good luck !

What about the European title?, can Clay and myself fight for that?.
So Mikkel, any idea when we can get some championship matches set-up?. It's been a while since HTF vacated the titles, but I can appreciate the fact that you are a busy man.
Red Viper wrote:Top 5 Boxers
1. Here to Fight
2. Larry Holmes
3. Fernando Vargas
4. sugarray
5. Couture

Top 5 Sluggers
1. Here To Fight
2. Me(Red Viper)
3. The Sniper
4. Unstoppable
5. Mad Skillz
A.K.A.- Texan Red Wolf, Nick P., The Red Destroyer, and Nick Bomb.
3 time SA Champ
2 time NA Champ
2 time OBW Champ
1 time OBA Champ
1 time OBF Champ
Greatest KO Finisher of All Time
OB Legend-3 Years and 3 Months
OB Name: Red Viper

I find it interesting that you exclude me off every "top ten" lists you make. I also find it interesting that you put Mad Skillz (an excellent counter puncher) on your top 5 sluggers list, but I guess that's your opinion.
If your into boys then yeah Skillz
Haha, I'd have to vote myself the best looking too.

1) Larry
2) Couture
3) Sugaray
4) Tyrant
5) Muhammad Ali


1) Unstop
2) Red Viper
3) MAB
4) Cynic
5) Tiger

Excellent thread.
Yeah Skill, I mean you owned me, there was only 1 point in it and I knocked you down 4 times to 3 and I couldn't get up from the last knockdown.

I will become more active, then I shouldn't lose to opponents I should beat, no offence Skillz.
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